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On-Call Public Transit Bus Drivers (4 positions)



This is a safety sensitive position requiring pre-employment drug testing and random drug/alcohol testing mandated by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Drivers operate 8-30 passenger vehicles in a manner that provides safe, courteous, reliable and efficient passenger transportation. Drivers must interact with passengers and the general public to provide information and assistance to various destinations within the service area. 

Cooks / Computer Lab Assistant



The responsibility of this position is to assist in ensuring that Cay-Uma-Wa Head Start maintain full compliance with Head Start Performance Standards, Oregon Department of Education, Child and Adult Care Food Program regulations, Tribal Codes and other regulations and laws that apply to the nutrition of program participants.  To assist in such tasks that may include shopping for and preparing nutritious meals and snacks that meet the nutritional needs of preschool children, collaborating with other program staff and agencies to...

Hanford Archaeologist REVISED



The Hanford Archaeologist will work to document and protect historic properties within the CTUIR’s ceded lands.  This position’s job duties will focus on the ceded lands geographic region of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hanford Site and the Hanford Reach National Monument.  This will be accomplished by working with DOE and their contractors, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to ensure that federal cultural resource laws, such as Section 106 of the NHPA, are followed and...

Education Culture Coordinator



The Education Culture Coordinator is responsible for ensuring Cay-Uma-Wa Head Start implements culturally and developmentally appropriate curriculum which supports the philosophy and goals of the families and program.  This position will assist to plan, coordinate and implement (Lead the classroom instruction) a quality comprehensive learning program that will assist families and children to reach their potential as life-long learners. The Educational Culture Coordinator is responsible for training and mentoring teaching staff...

Biologist III - Walla Walla River Basin Monitoring & Evaluation Project Manager REVISED



The position will utilize principles of fishery science, population dynamics, statistics, sampling theory, and experimental design while functioning as the project manager for the Walla Walla River Basin Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) project.  The individual will be responsible for managing the implementation of salmonid M&E staff and funding contracts in a manner consistent with the above mission statements as they apply to the Walla Walla River Basin and other areas as needed in northeast Oregon and Southwest...

Equipment Operator I



The incumbent will provide day to day collection of garbage on route lists and be compliant with all safety requirements in the operation of a garbage truck and other heavy equipment on site.  The incumbent will be responsible for learning the recycling processes and procedures to ensure that TERF operates safely and economically for the Tribes.  The incumbent will be expected to work some holidays and weekends with overtime pay not authorized for this position.

Tribal Linguist



The Tribal Linguist will work with fluent speakers of the three languages of the CTUIR to; preserve and document the languages.  The Linguist will record speakers, translate, and transcribe recordings and utilize transcriptions to create texts in the languages. Add and update word databases as needed or required.  They will need to be able to work with the languages and document morphology, syntax, phonology and other related linguistic areas of study. 

Master Speaker Nez Perce



The employee will collaborate with other Native Language teaching staff and Language Apprentices in the collection and development of materials of the local three languages:  Walla Walla, Umatilla and Lower Nez Perce.  The Master Speaker will work closely with Language Apprentices and Instructors in developing culturally based instructional materials for use in classrooms of language learners from pre-school to secondary level. The Master Speaker will cooperatively work with the Linguists, teaching staff and language learners...

Special Victims Criminal Investigator



The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, a Public Law 280 reservation, received retrocession of criminal jurisdiction from the State of Oregon in 1981, adopted a tribal criminal code, and established a police department.  Since that time, Indian offenders have been tried in tribal court and US Federal Court for crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, coercion, menacing, and other crimes of personal violence.  Protection orders continue to be available through the courts of the Confederated Tribes of the...