The CUJ asked candidates for Board of Trustees and General Council to answer a number of questions in a survey.

The following are responses from candidates who answered the election questionnaire in September and October.

The responses are presented here as they were submitted -  without editing.

Other candidate responses will be uploaded to this website as they are received.

Click on a name to see pdf page that will have each response as submitted.

Board of Trustees Chairman Elwood Patawa

BOT Vice Chairman Shana Radford

BOT Vice Chairman Jeremy Wolf

BOT Secretary Kat Brigham

BOT Secretary Cedric Wildbill

BOT Treasurer Eugena Stacona

BOT Member At-Large Woodrow Star

BOT Member At-Large Jill-Marie Gavin

BOT Member At-Large Sally Kosey

BOT Member At-Large Johnny Sampson

BOT Member At-Large Bob Shippentower

BOT Member At-Large Rosenda Shippentower

BOT Member At-Large Shawn Joseph

BOT General Council Chairman Kyle McGuire

BOT General Council Vice-Chairman Michael Ray Johnson












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