By the Department of Finance of the CTUIR

MISSION – The 2017 budget for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) is being developed and will be presented at the Oct. 20 General Council meeting.

The Board of Trustees will conduct work sessions in October to review the target budgets and draft annual work plans from the departments and enterprises.    

The CTUIR BOT and executive staff expect that the 2017 draft budget presented to General Council in October will maintain all Tribally-funded government services at their existing 2016 levels.  

Because of the positive revenue outlook and other adjustments made, the BOT will consider a 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) as well as allow for an average of a 3% merit pay increase in 2017 for CTUIR government employees. This was the same increase as done in the prior year.

The CTUIR uses a retro-budgeting process for its gaming funds, meaning that the money earned in one calendar year is used to fund CTUIR programs in the following year (i.e., funds earned in 2016 are spent in 2017).  CTUIR Finance Director Paul Rabb says the retro-budgeting process helps the CTUIR as it allows the BOT to make budget and spending adjustments in the following year, not in the current year.

The draft budget will be available to Tribal Members starting Oct. 17, to obtain a copy contact the CTUIR Finance Office at 541-429-7150.

Comments on the draft budget can be submitted in writing to BOT members or to Jody Deardorff, CTUIR Financial Services Manager, by October 28.  The BOT anticipates adopting the budget at the November 7 BOT meeting.




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