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The CUJ is the award-winning monthly newspaper
of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Winner of the 2012 General Excellence award
from the Native American Journalists Association.



2013 CUJ Schedule and Deadlines



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News deadline

Feb. 26
March 26
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Oct. 29
Nov. 26




Current and past editions of the CUJ
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November 2013 CUJ -- Due to unforeseen circumstances the November issue of the CUJ will be delayed by one day.  This month’s issue will be available Friday morning, November 8.  Thank you for your understanding.  The staff of the CUJ are committed to providing you the best Tribal paper with the most relevant news and information for our community.

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CUJ History

The CUJ was started in the late 1970s. It was published sporadically through the mid-1980s, then abandoned for several years before it was restarted on a random basis. The paper began publishing monthly again in August of 1994. Its first full-time editor, Wil Phinney, was hired in 1996.



The Confederated Umatilla Journal, a monthly publication that averages 40-48 tabloid-sized pages, is produced by the CTUIR's Public Affairs Office. On the first Thursday of each month, 6,000 to 7,000 copies are printed and distributed by various methods. All CTUIR tribal members receive the paper by mail, with another 800 subscribers that include government agencies, legislators and residents of the Pendleton community. In addition, the paper is available free at a variety of locations in Pendleton, including the Chamber of Commerce, city and college library, Umatilla County Court House and several retail outlets.



The CUJ is mailed, free of charge, to all CTUIR Tribal member households.
Mail subscriptions are available to anyone who is not enrolled as a member of the CTUIR for $15 a year or $28 for two years.

Send us this subscription form (viewable with Acrobat Reader), along with your payment.



Advertising rates:
The CUJ tabloid page, run on a 30-inch web, is 9.83 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep. Set up on a four-column format, each column measures 2.33 inches wide. (2columns - 4.83 inches wide, 3 columns - 7.3 inches wide.)

As of Jan. 1, 2010

4 column tabloid format
Column widths:
1 column – 2.33 inches
2 column – 4.83 inches
3 column – 7.3 inches
4 column – 9.8 inches

Open rate grayscale - $4.50 per column inch
Full page (54 column-inches) - $243
½ page (27 column-inches) - $121.50
¼ page (13 column-inches) - $58.50

Tribal rate for individual businesses - $3.50 per column inch
Full page - $189
¾ page - $141.75
½ page - $94.50
¼ page - $45.50
8th page - $21

New full color price- additional $80
Spot color - additional $50

The CUJ accepts camera-ready copy on slicks, CD, zip disk or by e-mail. We can also create an advertisement with the client. We work in Pagemaker on a PC, so electronic files must be compatible. We are not able to open "Publisher" documents.



Birthday and Anniversary Ads:
The CUJ publishes birthday and anniversary ads at a cost of $3 for a 3 inch ad.
Birthday/anniversay ads are due by the news deadline day, and must be prepaid.
Birthday ads not paid for in advance will not be published.

B-day ad forms are available at the CUJ office, or here as a PDF file (viewable with Acrobat Reader).



To submit news or ads, contact the CUJ:

Debra Croswell, Publisher                       Phone 541-429-7005
Wil Phinney, Editor                                  FAX: 541-429-7005
Jill-Marie Gavin, Reporter/Photographer  e-mail at
                                                                mail or in person: 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton, OR 97801


The CUJ is a member of the
Native American Journalists Association


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