Youth Council - Summit and Elections

Repeats every day 2 times .

For more info, call 541-429-7300.

Youth Council Swearing In Ceremony

We invite you to the swearing in ceremony for our recently-elected Youth Council officers. They will be sworn in by Judge Johnson at 11:30 in the NGC Rotunda.  Please support our youth as they embark on this leadership opportunity!

Juvenile Code

Recognizing that children are the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation’s most important resource and that children are vital to the continuing existence of the Confederated Tribes, this Juvenile Code has been developed as a means of safeguarding the health, safety, welfare, and culture of the Confederated Tribes for all future generations. The purpose of the Juvenile Code is to ensure the future of the Confederated Tribes by establishing procedures and laws to protect the best interest of children and the Confederated Tribes.

Family Law Code

The Family Law Code deals with all matter pertaining to marriage, annulment, dissolution of marriage and separation, communinty property, disposition of property and spousal support, child custody and parenting plans, child support and support enforcement, paternity, uniform recognition and enforcement of family support orders, full faith and credit of foreign child support orders, guardianship and domestic partnership.

Elders Services Code


The Elders Services Code has been rescinded:
In Resolution 14-068 (December 22, 2014), the Board of Trustees amended the General Welfare Code to add chapters 4 and 5, bringing administration of the Elders’ Services Code benefits, Elders’ Energy Assistance Benefits, and the Board of Trustees Donation Fund benefits within the scope of the General Welfare Code. Resolution 14-068 also rescinded the Elders’ Services Code.

General Assistance Application


General Assistance provides finance assistance which meets the essential needs to thos who are eligible.  This consists of shelter, food, clothing, utilities, referral services, vocation rehabilitation, workforce development, disability services and certain medical requests.

Please fill out the application and call 541.429.7300 for an appointment. 

Emergency Assistance Application

There are many types of Emergency Assistance that DCFS can help families with such as Rental, Energy and Crisis Assistance. 

This assistance is open to Enrolled CTUIR Tribal members living on or within a 50 mile radius of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Please fill out the attached form and bring into our office with your proof of income and any other supporting documentation.

Foster Care Application

For Tribal and non-Tribal families wishing to become foster parents, please fill out the attached form and call Marie Allman at 541.429.7300