Department of Natural Resources



Cultural Resources Protection Program    phone (541) 276-3447

The CRPP protects and preserves cultural resources for future generations by learning from the past and seeking opportunities in the present for direct tribal involvement and participation in cultural resources management.


Environmental Planning and Rights Protection phone (541) 276-3447

EPRP is responsible for protecting and restoring aboriginal and Treaty-reserved resources on the Reservation and Ceded Lands.


Fisheries phone (541) 276-3447

Fisheries is responsible for co-managing with state and federal agencies fisheries resources on the mainstem Columbia and Snake Rivers and tributaries for use by Tribal members. Their activities include fish and habitat research, protection, harvesting, transportation and artificial production for the anadromous fisheries in these waters.

Fisheries provides staff assistance to the Fish and Wildlife Committee. Also, the fisheries program staffs a field office in LaGrande, Oregon, that performs research under the Lower Snake River Compensation Plan.


Water Resources phone (541) 276-3447

Water Resources is responsible for protecting and managing water resources on the Umatilla Reservation. Their activities include developing policies and regulations for ground and surface water use and issuing permits for water withdrawals. Staff provides assistance to the Tribal Water Committee.


Wildlife phone (541) 276-3447

This program is responsible for co-managing wildlife on Reservation and Ceded Lands. Their activities include wildlife and habitat research and protection, determining acceptable game harvesting levels, wildlife mitigation and wetlands protection. Staff provides assistance to the Fish and Wildlife Committee.



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Salmon Walk -- our annual fundraiser event that includes cycling, walking/running, childrens events, etc.



CTUIR Hunting and Fishing information and natural resources statistics


March 2012 -- Request For Proposals (South Fork Walla Walla River Kentch Reach Instream Design and Construction Oversight Walla Walla Fish Habitat Project).

March 2012 -- Umatilla River Vision

March 2012 -- Columbia Basin Fish Accords MOA



Fish counts for the Umatilla River

Fish counts for the Walla Walla River



CTUIR Hunting Regulations


Bison Hunt Application

Treaty Harvest Regulations and Protocols for Bison


Notice of 2012/13 Treaty Buffalo Season and Mandatory Orientation Schedule
Yellowstone - Buffalo Season Opening, Effective January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013 - The Fish and Wildlife Commission of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation has authorized tribal treaty bison hunting in the Greater Yellowstone area for the winter of 2013. The season will be from January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013. Exercising the tradition of “Going to Bison” for CTUIR members should be considered a communal or group effort as it was prior to the Treaty. The successful harvest and processing of bison in the field requires significant planning, equipment and support. CTUIR Treaty Bison Harvest Permits are joint application “party” hunting permits requiring the signature of a “Hunt Party Leader” and a minimum of three assistant hunters to assure a safe and successful hunt. Mandatory orientation is required prior to application for a permit and is good for three years thereafter. Interested hunters may sign up for an orientation session by contacting the Wildlife Program at (541) 429-7200. Sessions will be available on request 5 pm Tuesday evenings at the Tribal Governance Center on request.


Rocky Mountain Goat / Bighorn Sheep Hunt Procedures and Deadlines

2013 Rocky Mountain Goat Subsistence Hunting Application

2013 Bighorn Sheep Subsistence Hunting Application


Columbia River Summer Commercial Gillnet Fishery

2013 Emergency Regulations for Spring Chinook Treaty Fisheries

Commerical sturgeon and shad fishery - May 2013

Umatilla River fisheries closure (effective May 14, 2013)

Zone 6 and Hanford Area Commercial and Subsistence Fisheres - 2013 Emergency Regulations: Notice is hereby given for a 30 day comment period on the 20L3 Annual
Regulations of Tone 6 & Hanford Area Commercial and Subsistence Fisheries beginning Jan. 14, 2013 and ending Feb. 13, 2013 at which time if no comments are submitted these regulations become final. Any comments will be in writing and submitted to the Fisheries Program Secretary at 541-429-7249 (FAX and phone).

Umatilla River - Fall/Winter 2012-13 Salmon and Steelhead Fisheries Regulations

Fall Season Treaty Commercial Gillnet Fishery - Oct. 2-4

Fall Season Treaty Commercial Gillnet Fishery - Sept 18-21

Fall Season Treaty Commercial Gillnet Fishery - Sept. 11-14

Fall Season Commercial Sturgeon Setline Fishery

Fall Season Treaty Commercial Gillnet Fishery

2012 Emergency Regulations - Zone 6 and Hanford Area, Commercial and Subsistence Fisheries

May 15, 2012 Spring Fishery - Zone 6

Tributary Fishing Closures - July 2012

Mainstem Fishing Closures - July 2012

Request to Receive Fish for Ceremonial Purposes

Section C Member Special Hunting Permit Application




Non-Indian Upland Game Bird & Waterfowl Hunting Regs -- regulations for non-Indian bird hunting on the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Non-Indian Fishing Synopsis -- regulations for non-Indian fishing on the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Wanaket Wildlife Area - general info and hunting regulations



Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Map

Downloadable Maps from the CTUIR Geographic Information Systems Program



Comprehensive Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Plan for Umatilla Subbasin Summer Steelhead and Chinook Salmon CTUIR and ODFW – January, 2006

Grand Ronde Subbasin Progress Report 2002-03

Longley Meadows Restoration Project - 2004 Project Report

Longley Meadows / Lower Perry Bridge monitoring report

Longley Meadows Daubenmire and Shrub Intercept Survey Report

McCoy Creek Data (Excel spreadsheet)

Meadow Creek Data (Excel spreadsheet)

CTUIR's Fresh Water Mussel Project

Natural Resources Research Data


Salmon Restoration


Bison Cookbook - published by the Inter-Tribal Bison Cooperative



To contact the Dept. of Natural Resources...

by mail: 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton, OR 97801

for parcel deliveries: 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton, OR 97801

by phone: 541-276-3447

by FAX: 541-276-3447



CTUIR Employee Directory (by department, with employee names/titles, in PDF format)

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