Countering the Narrative of Borderland Public Schooling: Voices from the Columbia Plateau

Are you an 18-21 year old CTUIR member who attended public school in Pendleton, Oregon? I am conducting a research study about how Native American students experience schooling in the Pendleton School District and want to hear your story! The purpose of this study is to collect and analyze the narratives of Native American youth’s experiences in public school to contribute to an understanding of social practices supporting and hindering educational achievement and attainment.

Eligible Participants are:

Native American young adults from the CTUIR, ages 18-21, who attended public schools in Pendleton, Oregon at some time during Kindergarten through 12th grade but are not currently enrolled in Pendleton public schools

Participants will:

answer a few questions regarding eligibility to participate over the phone, participate in a listening circle with up to 11 other people that lasts up to 2 hours and participate in an in-depth individual interview for no longer than an hour with the possibility of a follow-up interview of no longer than 40 minutes if needed.

Light snacks will be provided after the listening circles. Participants will receive a $10.00 gift card after taking part in the study.

Julie Smith is the researcher conducting this study as part of completion of a dissertation for a doctorate in educational leadership, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Brinson Jnr, Lewis & Clark College.

To participate, call or email Julie Smith, 541-310-8620 or juliesmith@lclark.edu

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