We (Kat, Jeremy, Sally, Sandy, Armand, Boots, Cor, Jill-Marie and Lindsey) are writing to thank the Tribal community for continuing to social distance, stay home and stay safe.

Many businesses throughout Umatilla County have begun opening this week but we want you to remember the threat of illness remains. We must continue to be united. We are warriors. We have fought to protect our vulnerable populations and because of that we are winning this battle. So please stand beside us and continue the fight by wearing masks when you go out, washing your hands and limiting your outings.

We encourage Tribal Members to exercise CTUIR Treaty Rights to go out and gather and fish and just get out and walk our homelands. Cool off in our waters or participate in a family sweat. We also encourage prayer and song.

And, finally, we want you to have access to all the resources that are available to assist the community. We will be doing another food distribution on May 21 so please mark your calendar if that would be helpful to your household. Please keep an eye for posts from the CTUIR Facebook page, the Tribes publish press releases and pertinent announcements from ICT here daily.

Creator is with us on this journey even if we can’t worship in groups, congregate for celebrations or feast.

So, be well. Stay safe. And take care of each other.

-The members of the Board of Trustees


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