Our 2 elder rental unit’s meet ADA compliance;

  • Lowered light switches throughout
  • Lowered countertops and cabinet height
  • Wider door openings
  • Walk in shower with collapsible water retainer/ ADA toilet/ grab bars
  • Alarm and detection system provides visual/audible notification fixtures, first response automatically calls to Tribal dispatch.
  • Appliances are ADA approved lower light switches, knobs on stove lowered for wheel chair access.

They also include a Washer/Dryer Combo-

  • Less work
  • Saves time
  • Takes up less room

Other Information-

  • 800 square feet of living space, one bedroom rental.
  • LED Lighting in carport brighter than most.
  • Radiant heating in the bathroom.
  • Ductless heating system, very quiet, energy efficient & up to date.

View the document attached to view the inside of a Elder Unit.

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