Attached is a Request for Proposals for conducting a customized, web based, organizational performance survey for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.  We would like to invite you to respond by November 2nd, 2018. 

All responses received which meet the requirements will be considered.  

UPDATE: October 26, 2018

Change to CONTRACTORS INVITED TO PROPOSAL THE PROJECT - - All vendors are invited to submit a proposal; all other information in the RFP remains unchanged. Please see the posted page below.

UPDATE: October 25, 2018
Several questions have come in regarding the RFP for CTUIR Organizational Performance Survey.   Below are CTUIR’s responses.   
Question: Approximately how many employees are there in the total sample?

Answer: There are approximately 450 to 470 total employees in Tribal Government.
Question: I assume you have e-mail addresses for all. Would they be home or work e-mail addresses?

Answer: These are all work email addresses.
Question: Will the CTUIR be sending the invites to participate or will we be doing so? If we are, will you be sending an alert e-mail to all employees that an employee engagement study will be conducted?

Answer: CTUIR can send out any pre-survey notification alerts and the survey notification as recommended by the vendor to maximize the participation  in the survey.   
Question: Can you elaborate on the following:  "Provide customizable reporting, scalable within programs and departments."  In our reports, we typically will analyze results by department/program.  Is this what you mean or is it something else? Not sure I fully understand the term “customizable reporting”. 

Answer: CTUIR would like to see the results summarized within programs and then scale up to departments.  Below is our organizational chart.  Within each department there can be multiple programs.  For example, in the Office of Information and Technology department, labeled here as Information Technology, there are three programs, Records Management, Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems.



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