This Code shall be interpreted and construed to fulfill the following purposes:

A. To simplify the law governing the occupation of dwelling units, and to protect the rights of landlords and tenants.

B. To preserve the peace, harmony, safety, health and general welfare of the members of the Tribe and those permitted to enter or reside on the Reservation. 

C. To provide eviction procedures and to require landlords to use those procedures when evicting tenants.

D. To encourage homeowners, landlords and tenants to maintain and improve dwellings on the Reservation in order to improve the quality of housing as a Tribal resource.

E. To simplify the law governing the rights, obligations, and remedies of the owners, sellers, buyers, lessors, and lessees of buildings.

F. To avail the Tribe, Tribal entities, and Tribal members of financing for the construction and/or purchase of family residences on trust land or fee lands within the jurisdiction of the Tribe by prescribing procedures for the recording, priority and foreclosure of mortgages given to secure loans made by or through any government agency or lending institution.

G. To establish laws and procedures which are necessary in order to obtain governmental funding for Tribal housing programs or loan guarantees for private or Tribal housing construction, purchase, or renovation.


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