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January 16, 2019



The Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) requires the Legal Secretary to serve as legal support staff, back up to the Legal Support Manager in her duties to assist the attorneys of the Office. The Legal Secretary must demonstrate reliability in taking assignments, carrying them out as directed, stay on task and enhance OLC productivity.  The position demands effective communication with the all OLC staff with an attitude and desire to be responsible and accountable for work products on a daily basis.  The Legal Secretary must be consistently present at the assigned OLC workstation during regular work hours, Monday – Friday.  Punctuality and consistent attendance is crucial. 

 Through representation of the Board of Trustees, the OLC provides attorney services and representation to all tribal departments, managers, and staff.  The OLC staff is incredibly team oriented and motivated, this position will have to possess the same qualities.

 Performance standards are measured against: (1) punctuality and attendance; (2) accurate and timely processing and documentation of legal reviews, contracts and procurement/finance data; (3) accountability for identifying and managing challenges to accomplish the duties of this position; (4) accurate and timely submission of reports, time sheets and other tasks as assigned.  This position is primarily responsible for alleviating the Legal Support Manager of functions that include general office management, data and workflow tracking, monitoring external agency actions, responding and referring inquiries to appropriate resources,  daily clerical tasks, and physical/electronic file preparation and maintenance, and form document responses.

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