The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR), Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Program is requesting bids for two separate phases (or groups) for the implementation of the Tucannon River Project Area – 3 (PA-3) to support the on-going restoration efforts in the Tucannon River Watershed. PA-3 will be a helicopter restoration project, (no work will be completed in water by equipment), but this project will require material sorting, dust mitigation and the tying of some of the project elements with rope to increase restoration element longevity. Project is as follows:

Group (1) will include construction material acquisition and delivery ((1a) conifers, (1b) boulders);  

Group (2) will include the construction services (material sorting, dust mitigation at the helicopter landing zone and rope work)

Qualified contractors can bid on all groups or any one group or subgroup separately (contractors are not required to bid on all groups or subgroups, separate contracts will be issued for each group or subgroup).

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