The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) is seeking proposals for approximately 235 acres of mechanical thinning and slash treatment (mastication thinning) to be completed in 2019. This request describes thinning and associated slash treatment on 8 units on the southern portion of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, approximately 20 miles southeast of Pilot Rock, Oregon via East Birch Creek Rd. The thinning units are located at the legal description of: T2S, R34E, Sections 28, 29 & 32 of the Willamette Meridian in Umatilla County. Unit locations are shown on attached maps (Attachment A.)

In order to accomplish this project in one operational season (June-October, 2019), the project is split into two contract areas. This is to accommodate competitive bidders who do not have the equipment and personnel to complete the entire 235 acres in the allotted operational season, but could complete just one of the two contract areas.

Contract Area A encompasses 3 units and totals 74 acres. Contract Area B contains the remaining 5 units and totals 161 acres. The different contract areas are shown and referenced throughout this RFP and are represented in the attached maps (see Attachment A).

There will be an option to bid for only one of the two contract areas, or alternatively, to bid for both contract areas (see Schedule B). We would approve a single contractor to work the entire project area under one contract if they provide evidence that the equipment and personnel dedicated to the project will be adequate to  complete all  of  the  acreage  during the single  operational season.  Alternatively,  we  will award two contracts to two separate contractors and administer the contracts simultaneously.

For more information, see complete RFP which is attached.

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