TERF/Solid Waste
Services for flooded residents

The Tribes TERF/Solid Waste will be placing dumpsters at specific locations for residents to use for their solid waste from the recent floods (Attached is the location map).

For residents that are TERF/Solid Waste customers, they can take solid waste directly to the TERF/Solid Waste facility for no charge.

Please do not include trees, branches, dirt/mud and other natural materials. The Tribe is working to develop a location for that type of debris.

Absolutely no household hazardous waste, or other hazardous materials are to be disposed of in the dumpsters or to be dropped off at the transfer station.

TERF/Solid Waste will try and pick up dumpster prior to them being filled however, when dumpsters in your area begin getting filled, please contact TERF/Solid Waste at (541) 276-4040 and the full dumpster will be replaced. Currently, TERF/Solid Waste is limited on dumpsters and will not be able to provide dumpsters to individual homes but will strive to provide dumpsters in areas that will help the most residents as possible.

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