CUJ Newspaper Subscription Form

The CUJ newspaper is mailed, free of charge (monthly) to each CTUIR household (a household where at least one CTUIR member/citizen resides). Individuals who are NOT citizens/members of the CTUIR may subscribe and have the CUJ mailed to them for a subscription fee. Non-CTUIR citizen/members should fill out this form and submit it along with payment, to the CTUIR.

CTUIR citizens/members who wish to receive the CUJ need to contact the CTUIR Enrollment Office to update your address and request to be added to the CUJ list.

General Council Resolution Template

A resolution is one of the procedures established to propose directive or action items for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Resolutions are intended to express the consensus of the General Council.

That the General Council direct its' Chairman to present this matter to the Board of Trustees Chairman, for consideration and action by said Board of Trustees.”