31 annual B.A.A.D. TOURNAMENT 2018


Major Schedule Changes for this year!


Radford to appeal Nov. 14 Election

Radford to appeal Nov. 14 Election

By the CUJ


Court Order Temporary Rules of Procedure for Court of Appeals

Tribal Court issued an order on October 25, 2017 promulgating temporary Rules of Procedure in the CTUIR Court of Appeals by authority of the CTUIR Constitution.

Paid Political Advertisement Correction

The CUJ erred in the publication of a paid political advertisement for Ms. Eugena Stacona.  The corrected version has been published on-line and is attached.  We regret this error.

Corrections to CUJ

The Confederated Umatilla Journal erred in a report that outlined responses to a Candidate Questionnaire that began on Page 10A of the November 2017 issue.

2017 CUJ Candidate Questionnaires

The CUJ asked candidates for Board of Trustees and General Council to answer a number of questions in a survey.

Absentee Ballot Process

Please Note * Absentee ballots will be sent out on October 12, 2017.