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The Department of Economic and Community Development promotes the interests of members of the Umatilla Indian Reservation by creating jobs, increasing revenues, and contributing to a diversified and developed economic base, thus creating opportunities for continued advancement of all sectors of the community.

 Download a pdf of CTUIR's overall Economic Development Plan here.

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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Survey


CTUIR Economic Sovereignty  

CTUIR is in the process of updating its Overall Economic Development Plan (OEDP).  CTUIR has had a planning document like this since 1974 – the most recent version was for the period 2010-2015 and a copy of the document can be viewed here.  In addition to being a valuable planning document, the OEDP must be updated at least every five years to qualify for certain U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants and programs.  As part of EDA’s guidelines, when this update is complete the new document will be referred to as CTUIR’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).   CTUIR, with the aid of consultants from Economic Development Specialists International (Emsi), is collecting community input to help guide the direction of the plan.  This survey is an opportunity for community members to provide input on:

  • Economic & community development priorities
  • CTUIR economic strengths & weaknesses
  • Barriers to development
  • Preserving the tribe’s economic sovereignty

  There will also be a free response section at the end of the survey for additional input.

Take the survey here: