Cemeteries Code

The purpose of this Code is to protect and preserve all cemeteries on the Reservation. Further, it is the intent of this Code to set forth the administrative procedures, regulations, standards and protocols for the planning and construction of new cemeteries and the enlargement of existing cemeteries, and to insure that all standards and Codes are met to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Reservation.

Enrollment Code

 The purpose of this Code shall be to:

A. Preserve the viability and integrity of the Confederated Tribes;

B. Strengthen the independence and sovereignty of the Confederated Tribes;

C. Provide for an efficient and fair determination of enrollment eligibility of any person; and

D. Ensure that the Confederated Tribes preserves and protects the rights of the past, present and future members.



Funeral Assistance Code

 The purpose of this Code shall be to:

A. Specify the criteria and procedures for providing funeral assistance to the families of deceased tribal members;

B. Outline the guidelines for providing dinner assistance for a tribal member funeral, and;

C. Provide information on need based travel assistance for tribal members to attend funerals of immediate family members.

Inheritance Code

The Confederated Tribes does hereby find and declare:

A. The Umatilla Indian Reservation was established as the permanent homeland of the

Confederated Tribes by the Treaty of 1855 between the United States and the Cayuse,

Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes;

B. That the preservation of the land base of the Confederated Tribes is critical to the vitality of

the economy and sovereignty of the Confederated Tribes;