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CAPECO Weatherization Assistance Application

CAPECO provides free weatherization services for income eligible households in order to assist with lower monthly utility bills. Weatherization includes insulation, installation and air sealing. Weatherization services are available to homeowners and to renters upon landlord’s approval.

CTUIR Housing Application

  • HUD Application Packet is for 132 income based and 58 tax credit rental units.
  • Index Housing (New Development) has 2 -one bedroom Elder units and 6-three bedroom family units.
  • Lucky 7/Scattered Sites (Non-HUD) is for Lucky 7 Trailer Court and 13 CTUIR owned unit throughout the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Note: Please remember to update household composition changes to your lease if needed, for example: address, phone number, number of people in home, change of income etc..

Landlord-Tenant Mortgage Code

 This Code shall be interpreted and construed to fulfill the following purposes:

A. To simplify the law governing the occupation of dwelling units, and to protect the rights of landlords and tenants.

B. To preserve the peace, harmony, safety, health and general welfare of the members of the Tribe and those permitted to enter or reside on the Reservation. 

C. To provide eviction procedures and to require landlords to use those procedures when evicting tenants.