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  • Commuter Bus Routes - The Hermiston Hopper, La Grande Arrow, Pilot Rocket, Tri-City Trolley, Tutuilla Tripper, and Walla Walla Whistler are fixed-route buses that are primarily connecting outlying areas with a central city through bus service.


  • Fixed local Route - The Mission Metro bus provides on a repetitive, fixed schedule basis along a specific route with vehicles stopping to pickup and deliver passengers to specific locations.


  • Demand Response Taxi Program - The Demand Response Taxi program is a curb-to-curb demand response service designed to transport residents of Mission and Pendleton available to the general public. This service operates only between Mission and Pendleton communities. It is provided through local Elite Taxi, Inc. and is available 22-hours a day year-round. Tickets are distributed on a quarterly basis and issued as budget allows.


  • ADA Paratransit - Paratransit is reserved for qualifying persons with disabilities unable to board the Mission Metro bus, access the Fixed Local Route bus stop, or
    otherwise navigate the regular fixed route bus system due to a disabling condition as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This does not include disabilities that only make using accessible fixed route bus service complicated or inconvenient.  Paratransit must be available within the same area served by the fixed route--specifically, service shall be made available to all origins and destinations within a width of ¾ of a mile on each side of the Mission Metro fixed route. This includes an area within a ¾ mile radius at the end of the Mission Metro fixed route as well.  All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.  People wishing to apply for the ADA Paratransit program must fill out an application to determine if an individual qualifies for service.


Guide to Other Transportation Agencies

Ben Franklin Transit                                                                  City of Milton-Freewater's Public Transportation
509-735-5100                                                                              541-938-8243                                                                       
Grape Line                                                                                    Greyhound
1-877-433-4775                                                                          1-800-231-2222                                                              
Northeast Oregon Public Transit                                            Valley Transit
541-963-2877                                                                              509-525-9140