Fire Prevention and Emergency Services Code

The general purpose of this code is to protect the human and physical resources of the Reservation from injury or damage due to fire or related hazards, while conserving the Reservation's human and financial resources by placing adequate emphasis on fire prevention and by requiring that the Tribal Fire Department be financially self-sufficient.

OCSE Application for Services

CTUIR OCSE Services:   

CTUIR OCSE partners with states and tribes to serve families. CTUIR’s Family Law Code authorizes us to verify employment for employees working for tribal entities or enterprises. If you are interested in applying for our services, please print the Application for Services and turn it into our office at the Nixyaawii Governance Center.

Why apply for CTUIR OCSE Services?

SB 412 Implementation Code

This code was enacted to ensure tribal law enforcement can exercise the powers of law enforcement officers for the State of Oregon, as permitted in Chapter 644, Oregon Laws 2011 (hereafter "SB 412"). Among the requirements of that act is to adopt a record retention policy substantially similar to ORS 192.005 to 192.170; a disclosure policy substantially similar to ORS 192.410 to 192.505; a deadly physical force plan approved under ORS 135.805 to 135.873; and a biological evidence preservation policy substantially similar to sections 2 to 6, Chapter 275, Oregon Laws 2011.

Sex Offender Registration Code

The intent of this code is to implement the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) and shall be interpreted liberally to comply with the terms and conditions of that Act as presently written or hereafter amended.