Umatilla Reservation
Housing Authority


The Umatilla Reservation Housing Authority was established in 1967 by order of the Board of Trustees. The URHA services the Reservation through a partnership with the CTUIR to provide the best affordable, client preferred housing units possible for Tribal members of all income levels.

This is accomplished by supplementing and leveraging current HUD programs and by providing additional housing services and financial loan options designed to serve the greatest need and number of Tribal clients. Also, the URHA provides a Reservation wide housing program of development acquisition and rehabilitation based on the Tribal values of self determination, for Tribal members and Tribal housing; and provides Tribal members with opportunities for housing ownership, residency, investment, wealth and up-ward mobility. The URHA is governed by a five person Board appointed by the Board of Trustees.


To contact the Housing office...

by mail: 51 Umatilla Loop, Pendleton, OR 97801-6010

for parcel deliveries: 51 Umatilla Loop, Pendleton, OR 97801

by phone: 541-276-7544

by FAX: 541-276-7255

in person: 51 Umatilla Loop, Mission (just off Confederated Way)
(five miles east of Pendleton along Mission Road)

Map of the Mission community


CTUIR Employee Directory (by department, with employee names/titles, in PDF format)

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