Petitioner's List and Candidate Questionnaires

The full list of candidates is listed below. It was provided to the CUJ by the Election Commission. Candidates who returned questionairres are linked below. Click on a highlighted name to see a candidate's questionairre. Any further questionairres that are returned will be updated as they are sumbitted. Updated 10/8/2019.

 The following questions were asked of all the candidates nominated for the Nov. 12 election. A dozen candidates responded and their answers appear in full as they were received. They were formatted to be uniform in font size, font type, and the same heading. Other formatting such as numbering of questions, format of answers and so forth did not change. They were not edited.

1. History of serving in elected office (position, dates, number of years). 2. Other positions relevant (within the last 4 years) to BOT positions seeking this year (Commission/commitees). 2. What are your top priorities? 4.The federal government has legalized hemp as an agricultrual crop. Do you think the CTUIR should grow hemp as a commerical crop like wheat? 5. What characteristics are important for Board members to have regarding the management of the Tribe's financial investments? 6. Do you support or oppose the BOT having "sole authority" to determine the qualifications of BOT members? 7. Do you support using a diminshed boundary for purposes of candidacy eligibility or for any other purpose? Please elaborate. 8. How much authority should the General Council have in policy-making decisions? 9. What type of housing would you like to see developed on the reservation? (Apartments, tiny houses, two-and-three bedroom homes, low-income houses, middle-income houses, etc.) 10. Do you think Tribal government is doing enough to address climate change? If not, what do you suggest? 11. In what ways have you given back to your community? 

General Council Chair

Alan Crawford

Andrea Hall

William Sigo

Woodrow Star

Lindsey X. Watchman

GC Vice Chair

Charles F. Sams III

Michael Ray Johnson

General Council Secretary

Shawna Gavin

General Council Interpretor

No Candidates

Board of Trustees Chair

Gary Burke

Kat Brigham

Board of Trustees Vice Chair

Jeremy Wolf

Board of Trustees Treasurer

Doris Wheeler

Sandra Sampson

Board of Trustees Secretary

Aaron Ashley

Sally Kosey

Board of Trustees Member at Large

Armand Minthorn

Boots Pond

Cedric Wildbill

Corinne Sams

David Wolf, Jr.

Donald Williams


Helen Morrison

Jerimiah Farrow

Jill-Marie Gavin

John Bevis

Lawanda Bronson

Lisa Ganuelas

Monika James

Rosenda Shippentower

Scott Minthorn

Shawn Joseph



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