*CLOSURE* CTUIR Tribal Member Spring Season Zone 6 Platform, Hook and Line Fishery

CLOSURE will be come effective Saturday May 25, 2019 at 6 pm.

*RE-ADVERTISEMENT* Request for Proposal (RFP) Taylor Dam Removal Fish Passage Project

Please see attached RFP for more information. 

*REVISED* CTUIR Tribal Member Smelt Fishing Regulations

Reminder: Fish are for subsistence purposes only and may not be sold.

Extended 2019 Zone 6 Commercial Gillnet Fishery

Please see attached regulations for date extensions.

** AMENDED ** INVITATION FOR BIDS - Noxious Weed Treatments


Corrections to Critical Dates

All other information remains the same


Cowlitz River Smelt Permit Fishery

The smelt permit fishery in the Cowlitz River has been initiated.  The Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Program will issue permits for the upcoming fishery.   To receive permits please contact Dora Sigo @ (541) 429-7249 and/or Preston Bronson @ (541) 429-7277 to receive permits.

2018 Columbia River Commercial Gillnet Fishery Regulations

2018 Columbia River Zone 6 Commercial Gillnet Fishery Regulations