DCFS Directory

Photo of Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor

DCFS Director

Photo of Brittney Eickstaedt
Brittney Eickstaedt

Administrative Office Manager

Photo of Vacant

Administrative Assistant II

Photo of Vacant

Community Resource Caseworker I

Photo of Dawnelle Smith
Dawnelle Smith

Target Case Management Coordinator

Photo of Vacant

Family Preservation Program Manager

Photo of Haley Kannard
Haley Kannard

Family Resource Specialist II

Photo of Barb Coble-Hutchings
Barb Coble-Hutchings

Family Resource Specialist I

Photo of Vacant

ICWA Peer Support Specialist

Photo of Nicole Woods
Nicole Woods

Family Resource Placement Specialist

Photo of Esther George
Esther George

Family Resource Assistant

Photo of Brittany Jensen
Brittany Jensen

CPS Intake/Investigator I

Photo of William Morris
William Morris

Child & Adult Welfare Investigator

Photo of Sam Spino
Sam Spino

Veterans Coordinator

Photo of Vacant

Veterans Program Assistant

Photo of Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott

Veteran Service Support Specialist Temp

Photo of Sarah Frank
Sarah Frank

Senior Activities Coordinator

Photo of Lawanda Bronson
Lawanda Bronson

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation Manager (FDPIR) | Tribal Commodities

Photo of Vacant

FDPIR Program Coordinator

Photo of Garrett McCloud
Garrett McCloud

FDPIR Warehouse Coordinator

Photo of Tessa Woods
Tessa Woods

FDPIR Warehouse Assistant

Photo of Gretchen Hines
Gretchen Hines

USDA Food Sovereignty Office Assistant

Photo of Dionne Bronson
Dionne Bronson

Family Engagement Program Manager/ICWA

Photo of Zenaida Lyles
Zenaida Lyles

Grants Specialist

Photo of Trinity Bates
Trinity Bates

Wrap Around Services Outreach Specialist

Photo of VACANT

Family Engagement Specialist

Photo of Totsyana Peek
Totsyana Peek

Family Engagement Center Assistant

Photo of Cicily Moses
Cicily Moses

Early Learning Collaborative Assistant

Photo of Kari Gibson
Kari Gibson

Workforce Development Coordinator/BOLSTER

Photo of Peggy Bronson
Peggy Bronson

Workforce Development Drone Project Office Assistant

Photo of David Wolf
David Wolf

BOLSTER Lead-Public Works

Photo of Vacant

BOLSTER Lead-Housing

Photo of Nina Watchman
Nina Watchman

OHCS Intake Coordinator

Photo of VACANT

OHCS Data Entry Coordinator

Photo of VACANT

Warming Station Coordinator