Housing Application

Applying for CTUIR Housing and Waiting List Procedures:

  • Read the entire application packet, do not separate or remove portions of the packet. HUD requires we receive the original application in its entirety. All questions must be answered, all boxes checked and all fields filled in.
  • Attach copies of Required Supportive Materials on page two. All items highlighted must be returned for each individual listed on your rental application:
    • Birth Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Driver’s License/Photo ID
    • Tribal ID or CIB
    • Any/All Income verification
      • 2 most current months of Pay Stubs
      • Social Security Awards Letter
      • Child Support
      • VA Award Letters

Missing or unreadable supporting documents will render your entire application incomplete and it won’t be accepted.

  • Return the application packet 100% complete with all supportive materials.
  • Incomplete application will not be accepted and returned if mailed to the Housing Department.
  • Once CTUIR Housing receives your completed application, your information is entered into our software, which calculates your income to determine the rental program you qualify under. The Income Guidelines are listed on the cover page of the Rental Application as well as the programs we offer.
  • Once eligibility is determined, your name will go on the appropriate waiting list. A letter will be mailed informing you of your eligibility status. Every six months you will be required to update your information and every year you will also be required to update the rental application, notices of this matter will be sent via mail.
  • It is applicants responsibility to report any changes in any of the following:
    • Income- either loss or gain
    • Address change
    • Contact phone numbers
    • Household composition

Contact information that you provide is used to send Unit Offers, update letters and other important notification. Failure to update this information could result in a Decline Unit and/or ultimately removed from the waiting list. These are time sensitive documents and must be acknowledged by the deadline or your application is removed. Please note: If you are removed then you would need to complete a new application and start the process over.

    • Questions on Section 8 Vouchers, please contacted the Housing Office.
    • Per NAHASDA, enrolled Native Americans of a federally recognized tribe 18 years and older that are listed as Head of Household on the rental application can receive preference on the wait list (this does not apply to descendent or relatives of an enrolled member). CTUIR Enrolled Tribal Members will receive preference on the waiting list over enrolled Tribal Members of another federally recognized Tribe.