Geographic Information Systems

Geospatial technology in services of our tribal government

The CTUIR GIS Program’s mission is to promote and facilitate the collection, maintenance, and beneficial use of geographic information within the tribal government.  The GIS Program focuses their efforts on providing training in the use and management of GPS and GIS information, development of reporting and analytical tools as well as cartographic data and products which inform decisions.   The GIS Program manages the implementation of ESRI ArcGIS desktop and server software. 

Our goals include:

1. Encourage the beneficial use of geographic information systems by other tribal programs.

2. Pursue methods for providing tribal members with both digital and analog access to geographic data and analysis.

3. Provide a set of high-quality cartographic products that can be produced for tribal employees and tribal members.

4. Seek out tasks performed by the tribal government that could be improved or enhanced through the efficient use of geographic information and/or geographic analysis tools and techniques.  This may include the integration of spatial and non-spatial databases.

5. Provide expert analysis of geographical problems using statistical, geocomputational, and visual methods.

To access our various maps click here.