Permanent and Temporary Media for CTUIR

Records Program

The CTUIR Records Management Program assists CTUIR departments and programs with the management, secure storage, retrieval, and preservation of temporary and permanent records developed by the CTUIR government. All records are created for a purpose. Records document legal rights, actions taken by the government, money received and spent, decisions made, policies and procedures, tribal codes, and events that occur. 

A records retention schedule dictates how long different types of records are kept. There are two types of records: temporary and permanent.

  • Temporary records are kept for a specific amount of time before they are securely disposed of, because they are no longer needed to document the work of the government or protect citizens’ rights.
  • Permanent records are kept indefinitely, because they relate to the history and identity of the CTUIR government and community. Permanent records are referred to as archival items and are managed by the Archivist. 

The Records Program does not distribute records directly to the public. Records requests from the public can be made through the Communications Department via a records request process.