Public Safety

Police, Fire, Child Support Enforcement, Family Violence Services and Emergency Services

The Public Safety Department is responsible for providing community policing, fire protection and suppression, the office of Child Support Enforcement and emergency management services.

If you are interested in signing up for community emergency announcements, click on this link - emergency announcements.  Umatilla County and the CTUIR are able to send you emergency alerts via text message, email, pager, or voice mail (in extreme cases).


UIR experienced several natural and human-caused disasters in recent years – flooding, smoke from wildfires, train derailments, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. To better protect and serve our community, CTUIR is working on an update to our Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan will include a strategy to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from disasters.

As a part of this effort, CTUIR members, local residents, and employees are invited to take a Community Disaster Preparedness Survey. This survey will help the planning committee to understand your experiences with disasters, potential impacts, and the current preparedness of your household and the UIR as a whole.

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Your input will help to CTUIR better serve our community members. You can access the survey at

For more information on the Hazard Mitigation Plan, please visit: