Restaurant Licensing & Inspections

Restaurant licensing regulates the design, construction, management and operation of food establishments on Umatilla Indian Reservation to ensure the cleanliness of establishments and protect customers from food-borne illness.

What licenses and permits do I need to open a restaurant?

  • Restaurant License Application (permanent brick-and-mortar locations)
  • Temporary Restaurant Application (only for an event or limited duration of time)
  • Mobile Restaurant Application (food trucks, carts, etc.)
  • Restaurant Plan Review Application
  • Check with the Tribal Planning Office to see if you need additional building permits for any building or remodeling of a permanent location.

Process for Opening a Restaurant/Mobile Restaurant

1. Restaurant Plan Review Application & Fee
Turn in Restaurant Plan Review Application, which includes a proposed floorplan, a detailed equipment layout, and a complete menu. Fees are determined based on the type of the size of establishment you wish to open. You can return these items to our Environmental Health & Safety Officer by e-mailing them to, by returning them to our office in person, or by mailing them to us at:

CTUIR - Tribal Planning Office
ATTN:  Environmental Health & Safety Program
Pendleton, OR 97801

2. Plan Review Meeting with Environmental Health & Safety Officer
The Environmental Health & Safety Officer will contact you to schedule a meeting to review your proposed applications & procedures.

3. Prepare Restaurant Facility
This may include equipment movement, remodeling, etc.  Please contact the Tribal Planning Office to obtain building permits.

4. Pre-Opening Inspection
You will need to schedule a Pre-Opening Inspection prior to opening to the public.  This inspection ensures restaurant operations meet the proposed plan.  Please call our Environmental Health & Safety Officer at 541-276-3099 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your inspection.

5. Full Restaurant Inspection
Within 45 days of opening, you will receive a Full Restaurant Inspection to inspect the restaurant operations in progress.

6. Semi-Annual Inspection
The Environmental Health & Safety Officer will inspect your restaurant at least twice at year to ensure restaurant operations meet FDA standards.