$50 gift card for Arrowhead.
We will draw the names of three participants on December 2!

CTUIR wants to build a broadband network to provide faster, more reliable internet service on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.  This will be a multi-year project and we appreciate the community’s patience as we design the system, pursue funding, and build it out.  But first we need to know where current internet speeds are fast and where they are slow – and that’s where you come in!  Here’s what to do if you want to help:
    1. Go to on your computer or Wi-Fi connected smartphone/tablet and click the “GO” button in the middle of the screen.
          (The best time of day is 7PM – 11PM.)
    2. When the test is done, submit your results to CTUIR.  There are three easy ways to do it:
        a. Take a screen shot, and email it to
        b. Take a picture of your computer screen with your cell phone, and email it to
        c. Print a hard copy of your results and mail it to:
            CTUIR Broadband Project
            Attn:  DECD
            46411 Timine Way
            Pendleton, OR 97801

    3. Whichever method you choose, please include the address at which the test was conducted.  This is a very important for determining where service is slow.

It’s that simple!  This information will be used to draw a map that shows which parts of the UIR have the slowest internet speeds, which will in turn be used to apply for grants.  The more results we get the better our map will be, so help your grandparents, help your neighbors, help you aunt & uncle if they need it!  Thank you!

P.S. If you cannot get internet service at all (cell phones don’t count) we want to know that too!  Send us an email and let us know –  remember to include your address!



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