Hanford NRDA Update for Tribal Gatherers - Fri Oct 20th 2023


October 20 at 9:00 AM - October 20 at 11:00 AM

Knowledge Spooktacular! Hanford NRDA Update for Tribal Gatherers - Fri Oct 20 2023

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During this Spooky Season, First Foods Policy Program (FFPP) invites CTUIR Gatherers, Hunters, and Fishermen to hear about updates for the Hanford Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) negotiations, and learn more about projects associated with these proceedings! You are invited to come learn and share your perspectives and guidance on project development.

When: Friday, October 20th 9-11 AM

Where: Nixyaawii/Mission Longhouse on the Umatilla Indian Reservation (UIR)

What to Expect: CTUIR Dept of Natural Resources staff will be sharing information about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the NRDA process and progress, and other projects associated that involve CTUIR Tribal Gatherers. 

This event is for the whole family, and kids activities will be provided!

* Due to sharing of sensitive information, this event will not provide a virtual attendance option, and will not be recorded *

For more information or questions, please reach out to the First Foods Policy Program at (541) 429 - 7247 or FirstFoods@CTUIR.com

Promotional poster for an event; Knowledge Spooktacular Hanford Natural Resource Damage Assessment Update for Tribal Gatherers on Friday Oct 20th 2023 9 to 11 AM at the Mission Longhouse

Event Location

Location: Nixyaawii Longhouse, Mission/Umatilla Indian Reservation

Event Host

Hosted by: First Foods Policy Program

Phone: 5414297247

Email: firstfoods@ctuir.org