Vendor Applications Must Be Submitted At Least 24 Hours in Advance

Vendor applications are to be submitted for fundraising purposes and must be approved by the Executive Director's office before set-up of any vendor table(s). Vendors selling food items will be located in the Commons room and non-food vendors will be assigned space one, space two, or space three in the NGC lobby (see map on the back of this form. Food vendors using the Commons will be allowed to warm items only, no cooking is allowed.

Vendors located in the lobby will provide their own tables and chairs.

All vendors must return the facility to its original condition.

Vendors will not be allowed to set up until after 7:30 AM and must vacate by 3:30 p.m.

If you are unable to vend as planned please call (541) 276-3165 to cancel.

No vendor request for continuously reoccurring dates will be approved (a new form must be submitted for each vending time requested).

All Vendors must submit a completed form

Food Vendors Must submit proof of valid Food Handler's Permit with completed form, fundraising only.

**NO Fish or Wild Game products may be sold as per the CTUIR Fish & Wildlife Code Section 5.07. **

Application must be Approved by Executive Director's Office Prior to Vending

Vendor Information

Approved or Denied

Contact Information