NGC Closed March 25-29

The Incident Command has ordered the Nixyaawii Governance Center Closed from March 25 to 29.  Only critical staff, Public Safety (Police & Fire) and Public Works (Utilities and Custodial), will need to be at work during these days.  The entire

*CLOSURE* CTUIR Tribal Member Spring/Summer Chinook Tributary Fishing Closure

Closure on Umatilla River will take effect on May 28, 2019.  All other Tributaries remain closed.

*CLOSURE* CTUIR Tribal Member Spring Season Zone 6 Platform, Hook and Line Fishery

CLOSURE will be come effective Saturday May 25, 2019 at 6 pm.

Due to Incelment Weather CTUIR Offices will Open at 10:00 AM Tuesday

Due to Inclement Weather Conditions, CTUIR Governance Offices at Mission, OR will open at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday - February 26, 2019.

CTUIR Offices Closed Monday Feb. 25, 2019

Due to Inclement Weather CTUIR's Governance Offices at Mission, OR are closed Monday February 25, 2019.  Have a Safe Monday.

CTUIR Offices Closed Monday Feb. 11, 2019

Due to adverse weather conditions ALL CTUIR offices are closed Monday, February 11, 2019.