The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR), Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Program is currently requesting proposals for an in-stream design and construction oversight for restoration efforts near the confluence of Birch Creek and the Umatilla River (Attachment A). Proposals that present creativity, efficient, and/or novel approaches are strongly encouraged and will be weighted more heavily. The implementation of this project will improve in-stream habitat for Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed and non-ESA-listed fish species, while benefiting channel morphology and in-stream processes and protecting existing infrastructure. The products from this effort will improve: base flow and capability of functional connection and interaction with the floodplain through hyporheic flow; channel form, sinuosity, complexity, geomorphic and hydrograph stability; the quality and diversity of in-stream and off-channel habitat for resident and anadromous fish; diversity and restoration of sediment routing processes; and, In-stream temperature, thus reducing channel dewatering, associated fish mortalities and improving passage.

These products are expected to diversify stream temperatures, improve floodplain connectivity and water quality, and ultimately improve aquatic habitat conditions. Proposed actions are expected to specifically increase floodwater access to the floodplain, allowing for the evolution of a more natural geomorphic channel and streambed condition.

For more information, see attached RFP.

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