The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) Department of Natural Resources is currently requesting proposals to provide construction services for the removal of a channel spanning, concrete wall and to replace the associated bridge. The selected Contractor will be expected to provide construction services for re-grading, re-shaping, and stabilizing the stream channel and banks to provide for fish passage; removal of the existing concrete box structure and associated stem wall; and, installation of a new bridge. (Attachments A & B). The bridge is already delivered to Mission, OR (Attachment C). The selected firm will be responsible for loading, transport and unloading of the bridge and associated components from Mission to Athena, OR. Close coordination during construction will be required with staff from CTUIR.

The project area is located on the main stem of Wildhorse Creek which is a tributary of the Umatilla River. The project is situated on Third Street in the City of Athena, Oregon

Please see attached RFP for more information.

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