The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR), Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Program is requesting price quotes for the implementation of the helicopter portion of a fish habitat enhancement project in the along the Upper Grande Ronde River. The project includes helicopter placement of whole trees with rootwads, logs and tree tops to increase complexity and floodplain connectivity for fish, both within the river channel and along the floodplain. The project area is located entirely on Wallowa-Whitman National Forest System Lands. The successful implementation of this project will improve in-stream habitat for Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed and non-ESA-listed native fish species. The successful completion of this project will improve:

• Floodplain connectivity (base flow, shallow groundwater capacity, and capability of functional connection and interaction with the floodplain through hyporheicflow); • Channel morphology (channel form, sinuosity, large pool habitat and complexity, geomorphic and hydrograph stability); • Fish habitat (the quality and diversity of in-stream habitat for resident and anadromous fish in the Grande Ronde River); • Restoration of natural channel processes (through the addition of large wood to  increase channel complexity, restoration of sediment routing processes, native species in the floodplains and uplands).

For more information, please see attached RFQ.

The Construction Design Drawings and Technical Specifications can be accessed on the CTUIR’s FTP site (Attachment C, Design Drawings).

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