2021-2022 Bison Hunt Season

Posted by Chelsey Dick on 12/8/2021 2:30:00 PM

2021 – 2022 Bison Hunt Season

Pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Fish and Wildlife Code of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has the authority to establish emergency regulations concerning the taking of wildlife.  Pursuant to that authority, the Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted the following regulations. 

  • All Permit Applications are recommended to be submitted 30 days prior to the desired start hunt date to guarantee its processing.
  • Hunt Leaders must notify and coordinate with Tribal Fish & Game Enforcement at least 5 days prior to their first desired hunt date. *The CTUIR is required to provide their own law enforcement oversight of each treaty bison hunt.
  • Hunt Leaders will also be required to participate in the annual pre-hunt orientation prior to receiving their permit to be updated on any new hunt conditions and issues.
  • All applicants must have participated in a CTUIR bison hunt orientation within three years prior to the application, have no felony convictions on their record and are eligible to exercise off-reservation hunting.


  • Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA); Gardiner Basin only. *West Yellowstone is closed to bison hunting for the 2021 – 2022 season.;
  • The Bison Permit hunt area is described as those unclaimed lands found within the State of Montana and outside of Yellowstone National Park lands, with the exception of the Royal Teton Ranch Bison Buffer Zone or any lands closed by the U.S. Forest Service for safety reasons. *The Commission will provide area maps for hunting parties.;
  • Note: there are special rules for hunting in the Beattie Gulch area to assure safe and coordinated hunts between the Treaty Tribes. This includes protocols that limit the number of hunters in the area at any one time and requirements for pre-hunt coordination between the permitted treaty tribal hunters and enforcement. *Appropriate documents will be provided.


  • December 1, 2021 – March 31 2022;
  • A half-hour before sunrise to half-hour after sunrise. *Contact CTUIR Fish & Game Officer for specific times.

Bag Limits:

  • Either sex and all ages open for Bison (Bison bison) from 12/1/21 to 2/28/22;
  • Bulls only from 3/1/22 to 3/31/22.
  • *See “Game Waste” section below.


  • Only enrolled CTUIR Tribal Members listed on a valid permit are eligible to hunt;
  • 2 member minimum, one designated as “Hunt Leader”. *If leader designation change needed in the field, must inform Fish & Game Officer(s) prior to days hunt. Any substitute Hunt Party Leader must have completed current year Orientation;
  • Hunt Leaders must be 18 years of age or older. *12-17 years of age Tribal hunters allowed, reference annual Hunting Regulations;
  • Non-members of the CTUIR cannot participate in the hunting or hazing of game and are only allowed to assist with field dressing and/or retrieve of downed animal(s).


  • Only centerfire rifle with a 150-grain size bullet or larger.
  • See Beattie Gulch MOA for those specific area agreed regulations.

Game waste:

  • See CTUIR F&W Code, Section 5.08. Wasting Wildlife.
  • Each bison carcass must be completely processed and off the hunt field before leaving the field, including taking the hide, head, heart, liver, and meat. The bone and gut pile may be left in the field but must be at least 100 yards from any road, campground, trailhead or dwelling. This distance increases to 200 yards during the month of March to address Grizzly Bear safety concerns.  Failure to strictly follow this provision may be grounds for prosecution for game waste. *See accompanying maps for specific zone restrictions.
  • Fish and Wildlife Commission recommendation: that hunt teams who have not previously killed and processed a bison, or two-person hunt teams, limit themselves to one animal (depending on its size/age) on the ground at a time.

REQUIRED Harvest Documentation:

  1. Hunt permit.
    1. All approved hunters will be issued a current year hunt permit.  This permit will include the hunter’s name and enrollment number, hunt season dates, bag limit, and must be validated by signatures of the hunter and Commission Chair.
    2. Permit, along with Tribal ID, must be in the possession of each hunter at all times during the hunt.
  2. Harvest Reporting card.
    1. All Hunt Party Leaders are required to submit a completed Harvest Reporting Card within 72 hours of completion of the hunt. *Submit to acceptable contacts below.
    2. If hunt teams wish to reenter the field at a later date, they will be issued a fresh Harvest Report Card. 
    3. The Lead Hunter is required to update harvest information on the permit prior to taking another animal(s) or leaving the field. 
    4. All hunters, including those who are not successful, must return the completed kill report in order to remain in good standing with the Commission and to be eligible for future hunts.

All other applicable F&W Code provisions apply.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CTUIR Enforcement and Staff Contacts:

  • (541) 215 – 0758 Officer Dick Bobbitt;
  • (541) 310 – 2955 Officer Tommy Thompson;
  • (541) 429 – 7242 Carl Scheeler, Wildlife Program Manager.

CTUIR FWC Contacts:

  • (541) 429 – 7249 Chelsey Dick, FWC Staff Secretary.


The attached 2021-2022 Bison Hunt Season were approved by Fish & Wildlife Commission on December 7, 2021.