2023 Non-Indian Fishing Regulations for the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Posted by Clifford Stangeron 2/22/2023 8:20:00 AM


Non-Indian Fishing Regulations

for the

Umatilla Indian Reservation

Permit Fees


Regular Annual Fishing                         $30.00

Regular Daily Fishing                            $13.00

Juvenile (12-17 Years) Annual Fishing    $10.00

Sr. Citizen (60+ Years) Annual Fishing    $12.00

Veteran Annual Fishing                         $11.00

Two-Day Fishing (consecutive days)      $22.00


Regular Combination Fishing/

Upland Game and

Waterfowl Annual Hunting                  $54.00

** See CTUIR Hunting Regulations **

Angler Surveys: Angler survey boxes with catch information forms will be posted at Lake Hiyúumtipin (Indian Lake), and on the Umatilla River and its tributaries.  Please report your catch (and comments, suggestions, etc.) CTUIR harvest monitors, enforcement and Lake Hiyúumtipin caretaker may also ask anglers for harvest information.  Cooperation from anglers is appreciated.  Information gathered will be used to manage the fishery.

Permit Locations:

Arrowhead Travel Plaza, Mission Market, and Indian Lake (during season).


CTUIR Fish & Wildlife Enforcement

(541) 278-0550


The following is a summary of regulations that apply to persons who are not members of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and who wish to fish within the boundaries of the Umatilla Indian Reservation:

  1. Any person who fishes or hunts on the lands or in the waters within the boundaries of the Umatilla Indian Reservation shall carry on his/her person at all times, a permit issued to them by the Confederated Tribes which specifically authorizes such activity. Possession of any fish or game, or parts thereof by persons who do not have a valid tribal permit shall be prima facie evidence that the fish or game was unlawfully taken;


  1. All persons who are not enrolled members of the Confederated Tribes who engage in fishing on reservation lands without a Tribal Permit are subject to federal criminal prosecution pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 1165;


  1. Tribal permits are not transferable to any other person. Any attempt to transfer a Tribal Permit renders that permit null and void; and


  1. In addition to possessing a Tribal Permit, any person who fishes within the boundaries of the Umatilla Indian Reservation must comply with the State of Oregon general angling regulations regarding gear, bait, harvest methods, harvest hours and general restrictions.


Ask first before fishing on lands within the Umatilla Indian Reservation! 

All anglers and hunters are required to obey the laws and respect the rights and property of others.  Pay special attention to posted safety zones.



Rainbow Trout

Lake Hiyúumtipin 

   (Indian Lake):        May 1 – October 31

McKay Creek System Above

McKay Reservoir:          Open Year-Round

All other streams on the Umatilla Indian Reservation:  Sept. 16 - Dec. 31 (closed in spring/summer to protect spring Chinook)

Bull Trout: CLOSED

Salmon & Steelhead: CLOSED

Other Fish: Same as for rainbow trout locations and seasons

** Also See “Special Restrictions” section **



Lake Hiyúumtipin (Indian Lake) and All Open Streams: Five (5) trout per day, 8 inch minimum and only one trout over 20 inches in maximum length may be taken per day.  Two daily limits in possession must be accompanied with two days of day use/camping receipts.

Other Fish:  No bag or length limit.  Does not include Pacific Lamprey. 



Lake Hiyúumtipin (Indian Lake): Only those boats powered by electric outboard motors or propelled by oars or other non-mechanized means may be operated. 

McKay Creek:  Catch and release fly-fishing only with a single barbless hook is allowed January 1 to April 22, and November 1 to December 31, 2022.  Regular catch and keep regulations apply April 23 to October 31, 2022.

Mainstem Umatilla River: Catch and release fly fishing only with a single barbless hook is allowed during the trout season on the main stem Umatilla River and tributaries upstream from Thornhollow Bridge to the upper Reservation boundary. Non-tribal member fishing is prohibited from the west boundary to Thornhollow Bridge. 

At Fish Facilities: No person shall fish 200 feet above or below from or trespass on a fish way, weir, fish trap or fish facility water intake/outflow structure.  Bonifer Springs fishing closure includes the pond and two feeder springs.  Minthorn Springs fishing closure includes the fish facilities and Minthorn Springs Creek. Imaques C-Mem-ini-kem, Thorn-hollow & Pendleton closures includes fish facilities and the water intake/outflow structures.

Contact Us:

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Program (541) 429-7200


The attached 2023 Non-Indian Fishing Regulations for the Umatilla Indian Reservation - approved by Fish & Wildlife Commission