July 7, 2021 CTUIR Tributary Regulations for Spring/Summer Chinook Fisheries

Posted by Chelsey Dick on 7/9/2021 10:00:00 AM


2021 CTUIR Emergency Tributary Regulations for

Spring/Summer Chinook Fisheries

Pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Fish and Wildlife Code of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the FWC has the authority to establish regulations for Umatilla ceremonial, subsistence, and commercial fisheries.  Pursuant to that authority, the FWC adopted the following regulations:


ERS      = Expected Run Size, which includes both hatchery and natural origin adult projections;

TBD     = To Be Determined;

N/A      = Not Applicable.


Fishing for ESA-listed bull trout & Pacific Lamprey shall be closed on all listed streams at this time.  Fishing for rainbow, mountain whitefish and all other resident fish year around is permitted under permanent regulation.

In season run information:

The Snake Basin Coordination meeting occurs on a weekly basis to update in-season run estimates to Grande Ronde and Imnaha River subasins.  On July 7, co-managers maintained the in-season expected returns to the Wallowa/Lostine Rivers and Imnaha Rivers (see table above). Closed streams are not predicted to meet broodstock and/or escapement goals for that respective stream or where the harvest target has been reached.


Spring Chinook returns to the Wallowa/Lostine River in 2021 are expected to be about 246 natural and 554 hatchery fish.  Tribal fish harvest target of 2 natural and 40 hatchery fish have been set by the FWC.  A joint CTUIR/NPT fishery will occur this year and the fish harvest targets are the total available for both tribes.  The FWC may adjust the harvest target as additional in-season information becomes available.   The Wallowa/Lostine River fishery is scheduled to close on July 9 due to the low natural harvest target and river conditions.   

SEASON & LOCATIONS: The area open to fishing by the CTUIR tribal members will occur in the Wallowa River from its confluence with the Minam River upstream to the confluence with the Lostine River; then a 0.75 mile reach from the mouth of the Lostine River upstream to below the weir/adult trap.  Primary spawning areas above the fish weir will remain CLOSED to spring/summer Chinook fishing.  The Wallowa/Lostine fishery will occur until July 9 or earlier if the harvest target has been reached.  



Non-Indian trout fishing in the Umatilla River and tributaries on the Umatilla Indian Reservation - except McKay Creek system - is CLOSED through September 15, 2021 to provide increased protection to spring Chinook.

FOR SAFETY CONCERNS: It shall be unlawful to take or attempt to take fish from within 25 feet above or below fishways (e.g. adult fish ladders at Threemile Dam, Cold Springs Dam, and Westland Dam, etc.). There shall be no trespassing/walking on/fishing from dam and/or hatchery facilities such as fish ladder, fish weir, etc.


Information on the tribal spring Chinook harvest and ability and success of spring Chinook to remain and spawn in these rivers are important to the Tribe.  Tribal harvest monitors will be out monitoring catch and obtaining other biological data.  The Fish and Wildlife Commission requests that tribal fishers cooperate with call-in catch reporting and in the field with tribal harvest monitors regarding catch information tagged fish, etc.  This information will help provide a database which fishery managers can utilize for the enhancement of the ceded area populations.  Also, the harvest monitor has the permission of the Fish and Wildlife Commission to notify tribal fishers when a specific target has been met.  In this case, fishing in that stream would be closed immediately and a public notice would be posted the next work day. In addition, post-season interviews will be conducted following in late summer/early fall; specific to Northeast Oregon tributary harvest.   


Fishers are entitled to river access throughout the open river corridors but should first inquire with local landowners if private driveway or field access is desired.  Any trespass issues resulting from lack of landowner coordination may impact future access opportunities. If landowner access is denied, please report the denial to the CTUIR’s Harvest Manager, Preston Bronson, at (541) 429-7277.   Your cooperation is appreciated.


(541) 429 – 7382         Jeremy Wolf, Chairman, Fish and Wildlife Commission;

(541) 429 – 7285         Gary James, Fisheries Program Manager or;

(541) 429 – 7277         Preston Bronson, Harvest Manager.

COVID-19 Safety Reminders:

The CTUIR Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and Incident Command (IC) encourages’ you to practice your treaty rights by following the COVID-19 “Stay safe, Stay Healthy” preventative measures:

  1. Get Covid-19 Vaccinated, unless otherwise directed by your doctor;
  2. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  3. Wear face coverings and cover coughs and sneezes;
  4. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet whenever possible;
  5. Stay home if you are sick;
  6. Keep groups comprised of no more than twelve (12) direct family members, from no more than four (4) households;
  7. Clean your tools, equipment and/or gear with sanitizer, particularly if/when you have to share.

Additional information:

There’s been a CTUIR COVID-19 Resource website established @ https://www.ctuircovid.info/ and CRITFC has a website for tribal fisher to reference @ https://www.critfc.org/safe-fishers-safe-fisheries and https://www.critfc.org/blog/fishery/covid-safe-harvest-sales-workshop.


The attached July 7, 2021 CTUIR Tributary Regulations for Spring/Summer Chinook Fisheries were approved by Fish & Wildlife Commission on July 7, 2021.