UPDATED: Open Burning Ban on UIR Begins July 1

on 6/25/2024 12:00:00 PM

MISSION – The local weather pattern of hot and dry conditions, along with drying grass and vegetation has prompted Umatilla Tribal Fire Department (UTFD) officials to prohibit open burning on the Umatilla Indian Reservation (UIR) beginning July 1.

The ban on open burning, which will remain effective on the UIR until fire season ends in the fall, includes trash in burning barrels and yard debris.

Sweathouse and ceremonial fires are exempt from the ban. However, an individual requiring a sweathouse or ceremonial fire must obtain verbal permission from the Umatilla Tribal Dispatch by calling 541-278-0550. On Red Flag days when potential for fast-moving fire growth is possible, the UTFD will request the individual opt for another day. When UTFD staffing is sufficient, the UTFD may assist the individual with such burns.

The 2024 fire season has begun with hot and drought-like conditions in the area, coupled with increased concerns of potential large-growth fire. Caution should be taken with the following items: exploding targets, full metal jacket ammunition, off-road driving and small-engine use near cured grasses.

According to the Confederated Tribe of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Criminal Code, the sale, manufacturing, possession and use of fireworks on the UIR are generally prohibited except for a supervised public display authorized by the Board of Trustees.

For information regarding agricultural or other types of burning or air quality, call the Office of Air Quality at 541-429-7080. The Office of Air Quality is responsible for burning permits and determining burning activities. For UTFD information, call 541-276-2126.

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is comprised of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes, and formed under the Treaty of 1855 at the Walla Walla Valley, 12 Stat. 945. In 1949, the Tribes adopted a constitutional form of government to protect, preserve and enhance the reserved treaty rights guaranteed under federal law.