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The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) is currently accepting quotes for services needed for the General Election to be held November 12, 2019.  The vendor will need to provide mailing services for absentee ballots for at least 300 with return postage.  Absentee ballots will need to include voting instructions, inner envelopes that hold the secret ballot, return envelopes and outer envelopes to mail the ballot to the voter.  750 ballots will be needed for Election Day.  We will have one ballot style that will require a 1” stub numbered in consecutive order.  We will need a consultant to arrive November 11, 2019.  The consultant will do a 20 – 30 minute presentation on the ballot machine late afternoon (4:15 pm) on November 11, 2019.  The consultant will need to be available through out Election Day in case of any problems with the ballot tabulator.  We will have only one place for voters to vote.  The polls will be open from 8:00 am – 8:00pm on November 12, 2019.  The closing date will be September 3, 2019 for Nomination petitions and any proposed amendments to be on the ballot.  The software to be used for the counting of the ballots will need to include but not limited to number of ballots cast, number of invalid ballots eliminated, number of absentee ballots cast, total number of valid ballots, votes received by all persons on the ballot, persons elected to office and the office to which they are elected, the write-in votes for eligible candidates receiving 20 or more votes, and number of votes for and against any other matter on the ballot.  Signatures required on the Certification will be the Election Commission Chair, Chairman and Secretary of the General Council.  Voting booths will be required.

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