Nixyaawii Community Financial Services

Nixyaawii Community Financial Services (NCFS) is an emerging Native Community Development Financial Institution that provides loans, homeownership assistance, business development services, youth, and adult financial education to members of the Umatilla Confederated Tribes, Reservation residents, and Tribal employees. NCFS will work to improve the financial well-being of individuals and families through safe and affordable loans and credit to effectively build personal assets and wealth. Coaching, training, and asset-building services are available for new and existing small businesses to ensure sustainability and growth.

Homeownership Program

The CTUIR Homeownership Program works with tribal members through education, coaching, and counseling to better prepare prospective homeowners for the purchase of or construction of a home. Under the umbrella of Nixyaawii Community Financial Services, Homeownership staff can help with financial assistance through the Umatilla Saves and Umatilla Builds programs.

We are relocating to new offices in Coyote Business Park but can be reached at or by calling 541.429.7932.