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We can help make sure your projects have the proper permits by meeting the CTUIR Land Development Code, as well help steward your project through permits required in other programs such as Water, Cultural Resources, Public Works, Environmetnal Health & Safety, and the Tribal Building Code. For some decisions such as Conditional Uses and Zoning Amendments they must be presented to the Land Protection & Planning Commission for consideration. The Land Protection & Planning Commission is a commission of tribal residents and serve a role similar to a Planning Commission in other jurisdictions.

Here are some of the services and support that Permitting and Zoning provide:

  • Development permits
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Zoning amendments,
  • Development Review
  • and we adminster and manage the Tribal Land Development Code

Here are links to various documents administered by the Tribal Planning Office.

Tribal Land Development Code

2010 Comprehensive Plan (Updated 2018)

Application forms:
Development Permit
Conditional Use Permit
Demolition Permit
Land Division
Forest Practices Permit
Sanitation Development Permit
Sanitation Development Permit (w/ IHS Funding)