Confederated Umatilla Journal

CTUIR's official tribal newspaper

CUJ History

The Confederated Umatilla Journal (CUJ) was first published in the late 1970s, sporadically through the mid-1980s, then abandoned for several years before publishing monthly again in August of 1994. The CUJ hired its first full-time editor in 1996.


The Confederated Umatilla Journal (CUJ), a monthly publication that averages 40-52 tabloid-sized pages, is produced by the CTUIR's Communications Office. On the first Thursday of each month, 6,000 to 7,000 copies are printed and distributed by various methods. All CTUIR tribal members receive the paper by mail, with another 1,000 subscribers that include government agencies, legislators, and residents of the Pendleton community. In addition, the CUJ is available for free at various locations in Mission and Pendleton, including the Chamber of Commerce, city and college library, Umatilla County Court House, and several retail outlets.


The CUJ is mailed, free of charge, to all CTUIR Tribal member households.
Mail subscriptions are available to anyone not enrolled as a member of the CTUIR for $15 a year or $28 for two years.

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