Imatalamłaamí Sɨ́nwit

Umatilla Language

The CTUIR Language Program will contribute towards revitalization of the Umatilla, Walla Walla and Weyíiletpuu languages and retrieve, preserve, invigorate and teach the three dialects to tribal members and wholeheartedly involve all fluent language speakers to their full capacity.

Currently, the Language Program offers a language immersion program for children ages 3 to 5 at the Nixyaawii Community School. The young learners spend 4 hours a day immersed in the language at Tamalúut as part of the Umatilla Language Immersion Project. We also offer community classes for members to learn from our fluent speakers. Please call us for more information about times and locations.

The CTUIR Language Program also hosts an annual Language Knowledge Bowl where students from Warm Springs, Yakama, Lapwai, Kamiah, Goldendale, and Pendleton meet to compete in the annual event. The competition is composed of a large vocabulary list where student are required to translate verbs, nouns, adjectives, animals, plants and phrases in to their respective languages they are studying. In the past this event has attracted over 80 participants and 200 observers.