Title VI Youth Services

The Title VI grant is funded to provide a “unique and culturally related” educational experience while ensuring that “Indian students gain knowledge and understanding of Native communities, languages, Tribal histories, traditions, and cultures” and that school leaders and staff who serve Indian students are able to provide them "culturally appropriate and effective instruction”.

Aligning with the CTUIR Education Department mission and goals, Title VI focuses on learning literacy (pinášukʷat) by connecting the students with their ancestral past through methods that are based in Tribal traditions.

The Youth Services team strives to provide the support our students need to succeed by making sure they and families are connected to necessary resources, receiving academic assistance, and are participating in Indigenous Ways of Knowing, with the goal of increasing graduation rates and preparing students for economic sovereignty.


Does your student qualify?

If your student, yourself, or a grandparent is an enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Tribe or Band or if your student is a descendant of a parent or grandparent who meets these requirements, your student qualifies.

A 506 form needs to be completely filled out and returned to your respective Indian Education Coordinator, the school’s front desk, or the Title VI Youth Services Manager.

Please click the link displayed or scan the QR code to access the 506 form:  GetPDCDocumentFile (ed.gov)