Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation

TVR helps Native American individuals with disabilities obtain or maintain employment.

Success in this program involves a partnership between TVR and program participants, and services are provided with cooperation, commitment and mutual respect.



Native American individuals who are members of a federally recognized tribe, who experience disabilities or barriers that prevent them from obtaining or maintaining employment may be eligible.  Determining eligibility may take up to 60 days.

  • Must have proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe

  • Must reside within service delivery area

  • Must have physical, mental or emotional disability/barrier that is documented by a professional

  • Must be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services to obtain or maintain employment

  • Must require TVR service to get, keep or return to work


The Process

Prospective clients will meet with a case manager to discuss their disability/barrier, sign appropriate releases, and discuss the role of the program in assisting clients toward employment.  Client will receive list of items needed for determining eligibility and a Personal Information packet to fill out.  Fill out the packet to the best of your ability and return to counselor as soon as completed or at next scheduled appointment. 

Once a client is determined eligible, the client and case manager will work together to develop an IPE (Individualized Plan for Employment) that will address overcoming the individual client’s disability/barrier to employment. 


Bring to first appointment

If possible, please bring to first appointment either a Birth Certificate or State ID or Driver’s License, a utility bill in your name and the envelope it came in, a copy of your GED or diploma or college transcripts, Social Security card, and Tribal ID or CIB.  You can speed up the process if you bring all these items in at the beginning.  Meeting can take place in VR Office, private conference room or in some cases, at client’s home.