Bison Hunt Information

2022-2023 Bison Hunt Season


Bison Hunt Application, Harvest Regulations and Protocols:

CTUIR F&W Enforcement is required to be on site at time of hunt so please provide a potential hunt date. 

Keep in mind application is a process and the background check may take some time.

If you have not completed at Bison Orientation, one will be provided with the Fish and Wildlife Program Manager.

Reminder there is to be at least 2 on the application.

CTUIR F&W Enforcement will meet with you upon arrival for Bison Hunt/Montana. 

CTUIR Enforcement and Staff Contacts:

  • (541) 215–0758 Officer, Dick Bobbitt
  • (541) 310–2955 Officer, Tommy Thompson
  • (541) 969-0066 Officer, Jared Rogers
  • (541) 429–7282 Andrew Wildbill, Wildlife Program Manager 

CTUIR FWC Contacts:

  • (541) 429 – 7249 Clifford Stanger, FWC Staff Secretary
  • (541) 429 – 7371 Corinne Sams, FWC Chair